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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

Dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
- William Dement

Dreams allow us to create our own world where scene shifts happen at lightning speed.We dream about things we like the most and hate the most.We identify ourselves with the dream character and laugh & cry & get drenched along with them.At times they continue even after a short break.Once up from the bed, it is a mixture of emotions."You woke me up.It was such a nice dream,I could have continued with it:)" or "Thank God! It was only a dream"

I have my own collection of wierd ones:

- I am climbing a ladder which is around 1000 feet high.Am on the top most rung of it,about to reach my destination.Just a fraction of second before I alight,the ladder starts swining like a giant tora-tora in mid air.I scream for help.There isn't a single human being seen around so I cling to gadget as it is my only lifeline.At one stage,I fall down,realizing each and every second of my looong free fall.When am I sure,with heart in mouth,that am gonna hit the ground,I am into the cognizant world wide awake.uhhh!

- When I go back to office after a nice vacation,I'm informed that I've been put into a project.I don't know ABCD about its requirements,technology or domain.Hell breaks lose when I inform my TL that am not qualified enough to work on the project.My PM and TL shout at me(in real time they are really really sweet,helpful,co-operative & soft spoken) for not updating myself with the new technology during holidays.All of a sudden, another colleage barges in,gives an invitation and invites us for his wedding(Irony is he is actually already happily married and has a 3 year old kid).I am angry,for he is betraying his wife and punch him on his face.Ouch!My knuckles pain when I get up,as I had actually hit the window sill near my bed:)

- I am on a trip to some hilly region with my friends and I get lost.I walk for miles inside the forest which is devoid of any animals except dogs (in all colors including blue, green and red ones)I am so scared and keep chanting sashti kavacham and the dogs do not attack me at all.Finally I reach something like a Main Road,where I receive the signal on my mobile.(Instead of calling my friends and informing them where I am)I call my Hutch Corporate Customer Care and squawk at them "I'm a customer who is using ur services for the past 1 year,I pay my bills regularly in time,never made late payments still was lost inside a forest.Is this how you treat your customers?Am absolutely unhappy with your service and am gonna surrender my connection once am back in the city". The customer service rep (instead of wondering what is the relation between making payments and getting lost)marks me as a good but irate customer,Hutch tracks my exact location from the tower which was picked when I made the call and rescues me.Immediate screen shift and am riding my Scooty on Anna Salai.My brakes aren't working.The signal turns red.I am tensed and have no idea what to do.Cut!Am watching a comedy movie with my friends in Satyam.The film is so hilarious that I wake up,smiling away to glory,my confounded brother asks me "Are you alright?":)

In school days,generally during weekends, I postpone my homework to Sunday evening when I can write it watching the DD1 Tamil movie.I sleep after a heavy lunch on Sunday afternoon
- Cousins of mine come, I play with them and go to school "Mission Unaccomplished".I am the only one not to finish the chore and my teacher makes me get out of the class.Am so ashamed and cry.
I get up,push the curtains aside and check the time.Itz 6.45.I do not know if it is AM/PM.Panicked and confused,I come out of the bedroom and my chithappa tells me "Go,brush your teeth and have coffee.Get ready soon or you'll be late to school".Am half convinced that the dream is gonna come true and decide to bunk classes that day and mentally work out a plan to persuade dad to sign the leave letter.Very slowly,chithappa's smirk on seeing my baffled face and Sunday evening lethargy sinks in and I realise my foolishness :)

Well,that was just a handful of the many.Recently I read an article on dreamless sleep and wondered, if it is possible in this hectic world full of pressure and tension?


  • At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Ravi said…

    Dreams are realization of sub conscious mind. Even i use to have dreams like falling of from tall buildings and bridges.

  • At 12:58 AM, Anonymous F e r r a r i said…

    Tired aa irundha dreams varadhu enakku. But kanavu pathi ivlo yellam yosichadhe illai naan. And I dont remember my dreams usually :-D

  • At 7:29 AM, Blogger Kumari said…

    You've been here for so long and never gave me a hint...Bad Bad daughtie :p
    Love your articles...esp '98.3 FM' made me laugh and miss Chennai at the same time :)

    Keep writing coz am bored here in the states :D

  • At 8:40 AM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    @ravi-Know vot?Not only u n me,but have heard quite a lot of them who dream bout lofty structures

    @ferrari-Kanavu nyaabagam irukkadha?Kuduthu vechrukeenga!At times I'll be haunted by a single dream for almost couple of days :(

    @kumari-Mommieeeeee!!Thot will inform u when I start posting regularly.Now,keep visiting n drop in ur valuable comments :)


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