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Friday, December 12, 2008

En iniya kallooriye!

poonchidhaRalaai sila ninaivugaL
marunda vizhigaLil pala kanavugaL
pudhu soozhalil udhikkum kuzhappangaL
vegu viravinil pazhagum naNbargaL
kadum uzhaippi edhirnokkum thaervugaL
thaai madikku yaengum andha samayangaL
vetti arattai sirippu niRaindha vidiyaa iravugaL
vaguppai maRandhu thuyil aazhndha nerangaL
vizhi mozhigaLil malarum uRavugaL
siru poovayum rasikkum unarvugaL
pala niRangaLaik kaattum manidhargaL
aRivippu palagayil niRuvanangaLin viLambarangaL
nermuga thaervu endRadhum andhap padharalgaL
adhan mudivu theriyum mun pulambal padalangaL
velai kidaithadhum magizhchi kondaattangaL
piriyum neram kaNNin neerthivalaigaL
ivai anaithum asai poda vaikkindRa tharuNangaL

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pointers pls

No...Not Technical ones related to C/C++. But can someone help me find out this album sung by Anuradha Paudwal released sometime in 1999?

All that I remember is the video. It is about the life of an army soldier and his wife or fiancee. The lady who has lost him in a war, comes to the house which they had shared and recollects all the good time she spent with him and misses him very badly. That is what the meaning of the song conveys

The video shows the house deserted, with all things (including a huge piano) covered with white sheet of cloth to avoid dust and there are lotsa burning candles too...I don't know why! As the lady dressed in black, moves around the house, there are clippings shown with Anuradha singing, looking at the lady.

This album was released almost during the same time as Aur aahistaa (by Pankaj Udas – an Indian girl with long black hair falling in love with an American boy ) Oh Priya (album featuring Abbas n Preethi – (a sequel to chui mui see tum where they meet, fall in love and get married) Oh meri munni (Remo’s album featuring a school girl) Yaad piya ki aane lagee, Meri chunar ud ud jaaye (Falguni Pathak) Sayyoni (Junoon), Tanha dil (Shaan) Aankhon mein tera hi chehra (Aryan's album featuring Shahid Kapoor where he tries to propose to a girl but in the end he sees her fiancé putting engagement ring to her)

Damn! I remember all these but not the Anuradha Paudwal one :(

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Note to my otherwise really sweet MIL

I hate being compared with anyone. Worst scenario being compared with a relative whom I detest. Period! And yeah, the recipe of that relative to prepare paav bhaaji is all crap. Please try to understand that boiling & sauting the vegetables - onions, tomatoes, beans, carrot n potato with salt + chilli powder and "just the act of adding lemon juice to it" doesn't make it bhaaji!!!!! She is fooling you!!!!!

Your loving DIL...

For other Paav Bhaaji is the recipe that I generally follow:)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Should I or Should I not?

Itz been ages since I posted something in this page. Yeah! 2 years is quite a long time. But today I was digging through my archives...and that brought back lotsa memories (my posts would vouch for the fact that am a nostalgic creature) of those good old days of blogging and making friends. This space was a vent for someone like me who isn't a great writer (errr...what is the equivalent word for bathroom singer which would describe your not-so-wonderful-writing skills??)I could also feel the changes within myself over these years - Am little more matured (am I?? :-p)grown stronger & more confident. Lots of changes in the personal and professional front too. I dont even know if my style of writing would be the same!!!!

So, should I start writing again with "Back with a Bang" post or just conclude with a formal Adieu post????!!!!!!!! I sincerely don't know!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Kit Kat

Yaaaaay!! Am going on a very short break to the two places mentioned in this post :D So, won't be here this week to bug u with my posts n comments :) Don't feel very happy, ok? Will be back by Monday :-P *evil grin*

Before I leave for the day, a dead easy 'visual-find'. Oh yeah! I have christened this game :)) No, am not giving any clues, a look at one particular picture, u can easily sail ur way to the answer. Actually am yet to meet any Tamilian who doesn't like this stunning piece and this is one my most favourites too(Oops! Have I already dropped a clue?)

Ok, folks!!! Have a nice time...Tata, bye bye, c ya soon!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sondha kadhai - A Tag

Tagged by Blogger's Park. So, here goes my long long ago, so long ago story...followed by some favourite stuff

Ten Years Ago - 1996 - 9th std, Singaara Chennai

- Started attending tution for the first time in my life for 10th Std Mathematics. Aim was to get 200/200 instead of the 198 which I was scoring. That I scored 197/200 in X board is a different thing though :))

- Got all my prejudiced opinions, about my school-mate `A, cleared, who also became a tuition-mate and now she is my bessssssstessst friend :D

- Spent as much time as possible in extra curricular activities both in intra and inter school- music, sports, elocution, essay writing, science exhibitions and stuff

- Learnt Aathichoodi by-heart for a competition, which I considered a feat then.
Tried recollecting now..could go on from Aram seyya virumbu only till Oppuravu ozhugu :((

- Went for a Crazy drama in Rani Seethai hall for the first time and got a chance to speak to Crazy Mohan and Madhu Balaji. Mohan blessed me "SiRappum sirippum maaraamaa ennaikum nallaa irukkaNum" :D

Five Years Ago - 2001 - 2nd year, BE in BITS Pilani

- Kept kolu in my hostel room and prepared sundal and kesari(without kesar powder) Our Diro's wife after tasting the kesari said, "Upma romba naNNaa paNNi irukkiye maa...chutney kedayaadhaa :-P)

- Went on a cherishable, wonderful trip to Shimla, Kulu, Manali with college-mates

- Built a "friendship for lifetime" with a senior `B, who got me to the habit of watching TV late in the nights (No, no midnight masalas and Shabaab..C'mon u can't watch them in a hostel common room, votever time it mite me. We were good chamathu gals watching 80's melodies...Seriously, nambunga paa)

- Was a member of Ragamalika and helped in organising the best Sangamam (a classical music and dance festival) of my 3 and half years there - Sudha Raghunathan, Urmila Sathyanarayana and Ganesh-Kumaresh were the guests that year

- Did a course called Principles Of Management - which helped me identify that I have a flair for and an inclination towards management and finance courses. That was when I decided my electives will be mgmt related ones and will definitely do an MBA.
Though have successfully executed the former decision, the latter is still pending :((

Last one year - 2005

- Went on a memorable trip to Kodaikanal with ex-colleagues

- Faced major ups and downs in both personal and professional front as a responsible adult

- Switched job and also started blogging => made very good friends coz of both these activities :)

- Bought an A/C for home and a new mobile for myself - both of which were long pending

- Did vot all any other software engineer will do - coding, bug fixing, testing, documenting, attending meetings, calls, googling, gen browsing, chatting, complaining about proxy servers, discussing about projects, hikes, movies and every other topic under the sun


- Completed my appraisal formalities and submitted all my documents to HR

- Chatted with my college-mate/roomie whoz in Australia

- Went to Pondy Bazaar and did a micro level shopping

- Had Veg Masala toast as breakfast at 12 noon

- Din touch my mobile till this morning after I reached home at 8 pm last nite

Five Yummy things (Why only 5?? I'll make it as many)

- Anything prepared by amma except avarakkai and capsicum related stuff

- Potato curry, french fries, Saepankizhangu roast, Vaazhakkai chips

- Onion Vethakuzhambu, chinna vengaayam sambhar, tomato rasam

- Kaara saaramaa tamarind rice with chips and paapad

- Tomato thokku/sabji, Mango pachchadi, sweet pachchadi (served in wedding lunches)

- Veg pulav prepared by `A with potato chips and onion raitha

- Golden fried baby corn, Chilli Paneer

- Pani poori, jilebi (esp the Dhaba express one), samosas and cutlet

- Pappu's Veg Sandwich + Maggi + Chaai, Naagar Redi's Sam chat and Chimpu's milkshakes, anaar juice and lemon soda (only salt). I miss these :((

- Chocolates, Bourbon biscuit, Wafers, Jujips

- Maangaai with kaarapodi, Watermelon, grapes

- Curd rice + Lime pickle - devaamirtham any time

Have I missed anything??? Lemme think and update later if at all I have :)
Update : Karumbu juice, Panju mittati, Son papdi (I prefer the one kept in a big glass jar and sold in a mobile cart), kadalai uruNdai

Five songs I know by heart

5-aa?? Remaining??? The space is definitely not enuf and I've lost count of how many songs I know by heart :)

Places I escape to

- Computer/Internet
- Music
- TV/movies
- Mobile
- Dreamworld - I sleep a damn lot

Five things I'd do if I have money

- Eradicate the slums and unemployment in India and give free education to all those who can't afford to

- Buy a luxurious car and fully furnished dream house

- Buy a laptop, i-Pod, plasma TV, handy cam and all my favourite DVDs

- Update my mobile to latest hi-fi model

- Go on a leisurely trip around the world with my family and friends

Five TV Shows I like

- Would love to watch "Rayil Sneham" coz all that I remember in the serial is "Indha veeNaiku theriyaadhu" title song and NizhalgaL Ravi

- Tom and Jerry shows

- Crazy/S.Ve.Shekar comedy dramas

- Film Songs (old and new)

- Thyagaraja Aaradhana from Thiruvayyaru

And I pass on the tag to Kumari and Srivee :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Another one

Try cracking this phrase. PS2 of my previous post is still unanswered :( Someone help pls!!

Also, do lemme know if this is too easy/kiddish/difficult/ok-types!!

Pic Courtesy : Google images

Update: The answer is "New boys/kids on the block". And the winners are Magix Harish and Vee-jay(She'd sent me a mail!!) Congrats both!! :D
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