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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Arasiyal-la idhellaam sagajamappa!!

I'd been humming Vairamuthuvin vaira varigaL from "Ratshagan" since morning. Guess I heard it in some local tea shop on my way to office!!

Kayyil midhakkum kanavaa nee?
Kai kaal muLaitha kaatRaa nee?
Kaiyil yaendhiyum ganakkavillaye!
Nurayaal seidha silayaa nee?
Ippadi unnai yaendhi kondu indira logam poi vidavaa?

One of my all time favourites. Everytime I listen to this song, I wonder if ARR composed the music first and then VM "soRkaLai ittu niRappified" or if it is the other way round. Beautiful lyrics. Srinivas' voice just fits perfectly for this melody :)

I got this picture as email fwd with the tune still ringing at the back of my mind. Couldn't resist comparing the video of the song and this pic. Securities and MLAs in total contrast to Nagarjuna and Sushmita :D

Pic courtesy : Dinamalar


  • At 3:43 AM, Anonymous Dubukku said…

    LOL indha dadi pasangalukku andha paata :))))

  • At 7:27 AM, Blogger kuttichuvaru said…

    LOL... nalla paattu, athukku intha makkala compare pannitteengale.... ithula antha security oppicer, foto kku pose kudukkaraa maathiri smile vera.... enna kodumai saravanan ithu??

  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger Raju said…


    First, on the song: A truly beautiful song.. I think it is the 'Paattukku mettu potta' type. 'Nilavil porulkal edaiyizhakkum.. neerilum porul idaiyizhakkum... kaadhalil kooda edai izhakkum' Ada ada ada.. There was a plump girl who used to take a course with us, and this song was twisted for us as 'Kaikaal mulaitha kathirikkayaa nee'.. :D

  • At 6:20 PM, Blogger Sri said…

    First thing which struck my mind on c ing the picture was "Etho games pola irukkey, entha team 1st thookindu poi reaching the other end "

    (dint read the post 1st)

    Apparam than therinjidhu Politics :<

  • At 9:07 PM, Blogger vee-jay said…

    azhagaana paatu, adhukku ippadi oru compasion-a!!!

  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger Harish said…

    that nice song, total damage!! :(

  • At 2:21 AM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    @dubukku - LOL at Dhadi pasanga :D

    @kuttichuvaru - Andha aapeesar pose kudukkardha neengaLum note paNNineengaLaa?? :)

  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    @raju - Yes! Arumayaana paatu. Nurayaal seidha silai - vot a simile for weightlessness :)

    Have heard KV Mahadevan say in one of his interviews that "paatuku mettu podradhu" is vvv difficult.

    @vee-jay & harish - Wonderful song, agreed! Enakkum romba romba pidikkum.

    But neengaLey sollunga, indha paatu manasula oadiNdu irukkum podhu ippdi oru picture paathaa "Padathula Nagarjun eppdi Sush-a thookiNdu povaan. Andha edathula idhungaLaa"-nu thoNardhu natural dhaaney?

  • At 8:34 AM, Anonymous kavi said…

    whts wrong wth u people u call this great lyrics?!!!!!!I like this song for its tune. But...

    "'Nilavil porulkal edaiyizhakkum.. neerilum porul idaiyizhakkum..."

    Thts not lyrics, thts a bloody lesson in physics! I agree tht vairamuthu has written some brilliant songs, but not this one. please!

    "Nurayaal seidha silai"... ? this a good simile?!!!!!! thts a metaphor to start with. and if u r talking abt metaphors, why, Yours Truly in her one of her posts, mentions abt, 'sutrum vizhi sudarthan kannamma'song, thts metaphors in bucketloads for you, each one a gem, that too. not 'nuriyaal seidha silai' nor '50kg taj mahals'. metaphors are meant to evoke positive visual images and transport u to another world. not to stink. read Keats, Shelley if u want inspired metaphors.
    As a matter of fact, wht led me into this blog, was my search for the lyrics of bharathiyaar's 'KAATRU VELLIYEDAI KANNAMMA' song. i happened to listen to it, n kept listening once, twice, thrice, five times in a row. such a sweet song! n wht lyrics! the graceful gemini-savithri black n white sequences seem to float in frt of u. savithri's exquiste expressions particularly. its one gem of a song.


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