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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pointers pls

No...Not Technical ones related to C/C++. But can someone help me find out this album sung by Anuradha Paudwal released sometime in 1999?

All that I remember is the video. It is about the life of an army soldier and his wife or fiancee. The lady who has lost him in a war, comes to the house which they had shared and recollects all the good time she spent with him and misses him very badly. That is what the meaning of the song conveys

The video shows the house deserted, with all things (including a huge piano) covered with white sheet of cloth to avoid dust and there are lotsa burning candles too...I don't know why! As the lady dressed in black, moves around the house, there are clippings shown with Anuradha singing, looking at the lady.

This album was released almost during the same time as Aur aahistaa (by Pankaj Udas – an Indian girl with long black hair falling in love with an American boy ) Oh Priya (album featuring Abbas n Preethi – (a sequel to chui mui see tum where they meet, fall in love and get married) Oh meri munni (Remo’s album featuring a school girl) Yaad piya ki aane lagee, Meri chunar ud ud jaaye (Falguni Pathak) Sayyoni (Junoon), Tanha dil (Shaan) Aankhon mein tera hi chehra (Aryan's album featuring Shahid Kapoor where he tries to propose to a girl but in the end he sees her fiancé putting engagement ring to her)

Damn! I remember all these but not the Anuradha Paudwal one :(


  • At 2:15 AM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    Got it!!! Itz

    beete din beete pal
    yaad aane lagi
    oh dil bataa
    kaise bhoolen unhen

    :) Thanks a ton Hema!!!!


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