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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A film to relish like a good cup of coffee - says the producer

Watched a Prakashraj Production for the first time - kaNda naaL mudhal. Was pretty impressed with the promos and expected a decent movie from Maniratnam's assistant Priya.

Prasanna(Krishna) - Hez just spectacular. If you find the adjective too much, can't help it. Coz I had 0% expectations on this guy, had not watched a single movie of his and the way hez performed on big screen..Wow!! He steals the show and is definitely the centre of attraction. His voice reminds me of someone else's, but am unable to catch who? He excels in projecting himself as an appavi guy and in comedy. And his periya muzhi favours it :) I was ROTFL for the entire Mayajaal sequence. Though he needs to improve a lot in the serious scenes where he looks slightly confused with his expressions. He is a big plus to the movie and Tamil film industry as well.

Laila(Ramya) - She is cute. She shouts. She fights. She wears beautiful outfits. She irriates by delivering dialogues like "En iruttum nee, en velichamum nee, en sandhoshamum nee, en dhukkamum nee, en half-um nee, en quarter-um nee". One scene I liked was when she tries to speak to her parents about her sister's love while her parents think shez so eager about getting married. The quick change of emotions on her face is commendable.

Karthik(Arvindh) - He has been given a sopLaangi role in the movie, under the cover of a cool dude, business magnate living in the US. A person with a wavering mind and who can't think anything by himself. He still sticks to "I would have said itz rrrridicuuuuulous" Alaipaayudhey kinda role and heavy accent. Heard his 'Evam' plays are really good. Why this vibareedha aasai for him to act in movies? Didn't even know he has acted in yet another movie 'Vaanam vasappadum' till a few days back.
Btw, is it true that he got married to Mirchi Suchi??

Devadarshini is as usual the hero's sister. Revathi(Laila's mom) isn't appealing. Lakshmi(Karthik's mom) with an out of place jet black wig, speaks Madras tamizh (pesikine, poyikine) every now and then for no good reason. The opening scene where kutty Laila kadichifies kutty Prasanna's kannam, though cute, has been exaggerated. Endha kalyaaNathula kutty pasanga sandaya theethu vekka oru periya gumbaley varum??? Dubbing is a complete let down - totally out of sync in most places.

Loved 2 songs "Merke Merke" and "Pani thuLi". Both are catchy, especially the former, the entire theatre sings "Lai Lai Lai Lai Lai" with Shankar Mahadevan. Title track "KaNda naaL mudhalaai kaadhal perugudhadi" has been sung very well but doesn't at all suit Laila. Yuvan is worth a good round of applause here. However the beginning of the song "Pushing it hard" reminds me of "kanavugaL pookum aaNdugaL thodangum" from 'April Maadhathil'

Confusions of India
1. Why is Laila's father so worried about the non-functioning of his hearing aid when his wife is in ICU?
2. The company that Karthik owns is in Chennai, doesn't look that posh to have a branch in USA, then what the hell is he doing there?
3. Why is Laila angry when her sister's lover calls her Rami akka?

Sun TV Top 10 movies style-la spoiler review sollaNumnaa
MukkoNa kaadhal kadhaya vidhyaasamaa kai aaNdadhooda mattum illaama natpu, paasam, poraamai, chinna chinna sandai-nu oru suvayaana kalavayai koduthu irukkaanga Duet movies. Chinna vayasula aarambikkra Laila-Prasanna sandai, pala varushathukkapram avanga sandhikkum bodhum thodarudhu. Idhukku naduvula Karthik-Laila thirumaNam nichayam aagi, ninnu poga, Prasanna-vum Laila-vum orutharai oruthar virumba aarambikkaraanga. Dhideernu Karthik thirumbi vandhudraaru. Yaaru yaaroda serraanga-ngradhu dhaan kadhai. Arumayaana paadalgaL aanaa kaatshigaLukku naduvula thevayillaama thiNikka pattrukku.
Mothathula "kaNda naaL mudhal" - "oru dhadavai kaaNalaam"

PS: First time review ezhudharen. So sodhappalaa irundhaa kaNdukaadheenga :)


  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger vee-jay said…

    That was a pretty good review!! Prasanna has also acted in Prakashraj's earlier movie Azhagiya Theeyae - a brilliant movie. Dont miss it if you get a chance to watch it.

    And yeah, Karthik & Suchitra got married last month.

  • At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    okie Ju.. that was a good review.. thoh i cudnt understand that Tamilinglish Sun TV style review.. :-S but hey! here's finally my comment......... and now u cant say u cudnt find it.. coz its the 2nd one!! ;-)) btw, this is soja.. incase u didnt make out :-P

  • At 12:41 AM, Blogger Nithya Swaminathan said…

    nice review... very similar to what i felt abt the movie.. LOL @ the sun TV style review..:D

  • At 1:57 AM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    @vee-jay - Thanks! :D After watching this movie have decided that Azhagiya theeye kaNdippaa paakaNumnu

    @soja - Couldn't understand Tanglish? Pakka Coimbatore poNNu pesara pechaa idhu?? Ask ur PG aunty to tune in more tamizh channels. And this will stay as ur 1st visible comment :-P

    @nithya - Welcome here and thank you!! :D But am not able to read ur review beyond the 1st para. Your web page and the page scroll bar just end there :( Can u pls check out & lemme know

  • At 12:16 AM, Anonymous b a l a j i said…

    Me first time here. The review is cool. Especially the confusions of india part.

    there were so many bits and pieces which looked out of place to me.

    generally my opinions contradict with a lot of women. but this time you people also feel that the movie doesn't quite live up to the hype created by promos

  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger Jagan said…

    nalla velai ..i read the review after watching the movie .;) .JK .nice review ..but u missed out the most important detail .AThule laila sister ah vara le ..ava per enna ? :)dont u think shes pretty interesting ?

  • At 2:37 AM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    @balaji - True! There is lack of proper explanation for quite a few scenes. But tamizh cinema paakravanga logically think paNNalaamaa?? ;-)
    my opinions contradict with a lot of women - Yeah! My opinion about "Aaru" is totally opposite to that of urs

    @jagan - Aarambichuttanyaa!! Aarambichuttan :) Her name is Regina. Don't know anything more about her

  • At 7:01 AM, Blogger Kumari said…

    Darn good review dee. Seri seri romba naal abscond aanathukku thittadha :)

    Kalakkara po :D

  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger Yours Truly said…

    @kumari - Tankooo. Hmmm Ok. Ippo thittala :D

  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger Jagan said…

    regina va ...nalla peru ...any other movie ?


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